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What is an Open Access Network?

An open-access network (OAN) refers to a horizontally layered network architecture in telecommunications, and the business model that separates the physical access to the network from the delivery of services. In an OAN, the owner or manager of the network does not supply services for the network; these services must be supplied by separate retail service providers. There are two different open-access network models: the two- and three-layer models. Waterfall Access Networks makes use of a two-layer model.

What is the layer two model?

In a layer two OAN model there is a company (WAN) which owns the network and handles administration and maintenance of said network, and then there are several service providers which deliver services over the network (Liquid, MTN, Telkom, Cell C, etc.).

Is WAN an Internet Service Provider?

No. WAN owns the Open Access Network (OAN) that offers the highway for your ISP to enable connectivity to you (as a tenant within Waterfall City). As such, WAN acts as a line rental company, in selling bandwidth to your ISP.

How do I get connected?

Simply send us an email and we'll get in touch ASAP to understand your connectivity requirements and assist in facilitating the necessary.

Do I (the internet user) have to pay WAN?

Not directly. You will pay your ISP for the account with them, and your ISP in turn pays WAN as the Network Infrastructure owner, exactly the same as in any other Telco environment/development.

Are WAN's fees to the ISP's market related?

Yes, and not only are they market related − they are also highly competitive.

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